Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st day of the year 2011.....

So 2010 is done!

Looking back, I must say, 2010 wasn't my year. I had the worst relationship, worst summer, worst fall but an happily ever after New Year.

Though I admit, I wouldn't be as strong as I am now if I were still with my ex-bf. That relationship made me almost cry every time I think about it, but through it all, I had my happy moments. I guess it's part of life and it's part of growing up. We all learn to love and be loved by someone, we all learn to feel betray and betrayed by someone, but most of all, we get to know the person for who they are, but sometimes we can't see that, that's why every relationship there's a moment when you feel love and sad.

2010, wasn't all about the negative vibes I was feeling, I was so lucky enough that my work gave me a boost of financial assessment due to my experience, learning capabilities and a strive for a better tomorrow. I love what I do, and even though it is very tedious and sometimes critical, the intensity of the work is what I love most.

In addition, 2010, I splurge myself buying things I know I want. I bought an LV Damier wallet, Burberry shoulder bag, Long Champ large bag and Xbox 360 and oh, an IPAD.  HA, indeed I needed those because I deserve them. With all the material things I bought, I also bought some for my family and for my Mother, I bought her a notebook because she has been or she was complaining about the old computer I gave her doesn't work anymore, lol. Made me happy to see that my nephews loved the toys and school stuff I bought for them and also Granny loves her new bag, and some clothing for her daily needs.

As I said goodbye to 2010 and to all that I have experienced that year, I must say, it wasn't that bad after all. I am not the only one who got my heart broken, I am not the only one who feels betrayed and stupid but I am very lucky for work, family and for having so much close friends I can count on. The one thing that I promise myself, 2011 will be the year full of love, happiness and good health. I hope it goes the same to you and your family.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


When everytime I think of work, I think about it as a nightmare (kidding) but I must do the work so I can pay my bills and my needs ;). Can you imagine if we all just stay home and the money just keeps coming in and feeding us day by day? Ha!

I remember as a college drop out back when I was in The Philippnes, the very first job I took was Door to Door up front sell. I had to dress like an ambassador of the country and start making the money by selling Gas Tank Pipe. The gas tank pipe was a strong hosepipe that connects to the burner and the tank so the gas can flow and gives you fire. Well, I am proud to say, it was intense and I did get pay for P20 (pesos, nearly a $1). After one day, I QUIT and waited a few more months before I was hired and started working in a Video store. There I lasted about a month or two before I went to Manila.

When I came in the U.S., my very first job was in bagel store or should I say, DELI!! There I've learned how to spread the creamcheese, cooked the sunny side up egg and sliced up some ham ;). It didn't last (of coruse), so I went to "Hold Everything", a part of William Sonoma and became their Stock Associate. With all honesty, it was the hard! Yet, I stood on my ground and worked it like the rent was due the next day, lol.

Sales Associate (Macy's), Door Receptionist (Tribeca), Assistant Physical Therapist (Spa), Caregiver (Nursing Home), Barista (Starbucks),  Sales Associate (Banana Republic), Bank Teller (Commerce Bank), Cashier Clerk (Law Firm). Yes, I have done it all and I am Proud that I get to experience each work.

After graduating college, I was hired to be an Accounts Payable Analyst for the City of New York. The work objective itself is very tedious and complicated but with critical thinking and experience, my day at work just flows like the water in the river.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost 28...

I am nearing the same number as my birthday when January comes. I can't believe it's been 28 years that I have existed in this world. Through ups and down, I had a few certain positive outcomes. Yet, I know that 28 is practically the age I feel acquainted with everything in life. There's much to learn, experience and face as we grow older day by day, month by month, year by year.

I am proud to say that I will be 28, yet I don't look like 28 and though I keep telling people I am 25, well deal with it!

This would be the place where I can say anything I want, whatever comes to my head and of course, to share it with you!

Hope you will like it!!

Nicky Alexis Detour Frost
A.k.A. (R.D.)